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Map of central Israel

As you can see from the above map, Chashmonaim is located about halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. A little bit past Jerusalem on the lower right is the Dead Sea, which you can drive to in about an hour and a half for a fun day's trip. Also within the same traveling time, to the north and south of Tel Aviv you have all the coastal cities of the Mediteranean.

Map of Chashmonaim area

A close up of the immediate area around Chashmonaim, shows how close is the city of Modiin and the other shopping districts that are mentioned on the Local Attractions page. Route 443, that crosses through this close up, connects Chashmonaim to both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv via a four lane highway. Driving time to the center of either city, in minimal or no traffic, is approximately 30-40 minutes.

For a more extensive look at area maps, feel free to browse the interactive Israeli map site Emap.co.il. The main index page will come up in Hebrew, but you may change easily via the menus along the top to English. Find the down arrow under the map, and click once to bring Chashmonaim into view. Please note: the english version of the site seems to have left Chashmonaim off the map but we are still here!

For more information, you may contact Chashmonaim Lodging owners, Shlomit & Gershon Rudich, via EMAIL or by phone at +972-8-976-1177.


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